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Gameplay for Lords

We are trying to create the best gameplay experience for the best RULER's. New combat mechanics , new maps and totally revolutionary land system. With your loyalty to the RULER we are improve the game none stop.

Obey the Order

Your words are an order for us. We always obey your orders and wishes my Lord. Keep in touch with you and try to be worthy. The Ruler always knows the best and his commands must be fulfilled.

Be Victorious

Our loyal peasants , workers and soldiers. Works day and night to be honored by you. Fight with us , show your appreciation and join the Noble Family.

About The Game

Rulers , Lords , Commanders , Nobles , Peasants everyone in here works for one thing. That called Glory. Be the sublime Ruler. Defend your lands while invade others. Show your supremancy to your foes and your grace to your folk. Create your kingdom , build buildings , train loyal soldiers , improve faster and be superior. Your lands future is in your glorious hands. Your folk is always with you. They are loyal followers who hungers for your ORDERS. Be victorious on the battlefield , gain lands ... Be a RULER.


Unique Units


Epic Buildings